Since 1992, Twila’s English Toffee has been crafted in small batches, using only the highest quality ingredients.    

Twila’s English Toffee is based in the Pacific Northwest Columbia Gorge, home to majestic mountain peaks and waterfalls, bountiful vineyards and orchards, and the magical Columbia RiverSurrounded by these wonders, we are inspired to produce a truly special treat with pure, natural ingredients in every bite. 

Our mission is to delight you with the best taste experience and enjoyment possible. Our nutty toffee is probably unlike most toffees you may have experienced — we pour it wafer-thin to assure a crisp, ‘melt in the mouth’ quality, making it neither too sticky nor too hard. We also temper our premium chocolate, giving it that extra special satin glow and creamy feel.

Twila’s English Toffee is available in 2 flavor combinations

For those who love dark chocolate, we offer almond toffee covered with dark semi-sweet chocolate and more almonds. Many of our customers pair this toffee with red wines as a special treat.  

For the milk chocolate enthusiast, there is a flavorful hazelnut toffee coated with creamy rich milk chocolate, and finished with more roasted nuts. This is a family favorite, which everyone can enjoy!

Twila’s English Toffee comes in several sizes

The One Ounce Treat: A great option for school lunches, a quick snack, or even promotional favors. Just the right amount for a heavenly experience!  

The Eight Ounce Bag: Need your own stash of candy? Having folks over and looking for a special treat to offer with brunch, afternoon tea, a wine tasting or dessert? This size offers an economical way to treat yourself, or share with friends and family.

The One Pounder: Our 16 oz bags are beautifully presented, and make great gifts. You can’t go wrong giving that special treat that everyone will love!